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One more step towards clean India, in a digital way.
Because we do not take this planet for granted.

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Do you like what we're doing? If you think it's worth, help us continue our drive.


Crowd sourced

Challenges become easy & fun when we all work together towards it.
Let's clean India. Together.

Find as you move

We plan to build a huge database of all the Toilets & Dustbins in India. To help people find the nearest one.

Locate & help

There's no joy bigger than helping others. If you think any toilet/dustbin is at useful location. Just mark it. It takes 10 seconds.

More about Dustbin Toilet Finder

Let's unlitter.

Our mission is simple. Just a small effort from each one of you and we will see a clean India. Let's make maps more meaningful. Dutolo is a Dustbin & Toilet finder which runs on crowd sourced data. So help us fuel this fire.

Use Dutolo to find Dustbin or Toilet when you're in need of one.
Add value to our Dustbin & Toilet finder database by locating as many as you can
Provide feedback and help us validate genuine ones


Volunteer & be a part.

Dutolo won't take much of your time. Really. If you like what we're doing you can easily be a part of it.

All you have to do is locate each & every useful Toilet and Dustbin in your area. You can also mark any Toilet or Dustbin you may encounter while travelling. Yes, it's this simple.

If you wish to volunteer just drop us a mail & we'll validate your markers as genuine ones.
Mail us at support@dutolo.in

Or Message us on fb

We Accept Funds / Financial help / Support / Hugs / Love

Dutolo is a non-profit dream. We really want to keep doing this uninterruptedly. We surely need financial support if anyone is ready to offer. We're in the process of raising funds so that we have a cleaner tomorrow & a certain future.

Let us know how can we improve. If you want to help us in any way, we'll be glad to get in touch.


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